‘How I met… Robin Scherbatsky!’ Himym Series Finale Review

So what b4220035518_f3b53305d1_metter time to begin my blog, than on the first day of April, the month which I am named after (but is not the month of my birthday, just in case you were wondering) and just so happens to be the day that I watched the last episode of ‘How I met your Mother’ (HIMYM). How I met your mother, those five words that began a long story that has kept thousands of viewers guessing for nine long series, and surprisingly, kept me guessing too. Its rare that a twist in a series or film can catch me so off guard, yet the ending of HIMYM for me, was a pleasant surprise and here’s why.

*Spoilers ahead*

I have been a fan of HIMYM from the very beginning. I liked the fact that the episodes were only twenty minutes, which meant that I could convince myself I was only taking a twenty minute break, when the reality was, as we all know that one episode quickly follows another… I liked the characters and felt that they all had their equally hilarious moments. Above all I liked how the creators played around with how they told Ted’s stories, with episodes like ‘The Burning Beekeeper’ which is about a housewarming party Marshall and Lilly have. Future Ted explains to his kids how the party fell about in five minutes by describing the events of the night room by room.

Then there were the small stories that ran throughout the series, such as the Play book, ‘Blitz’, and the ‘slap bet’. I was surprised that a lot of HIYM fans I know were put off by the last series of HIMYM because of the fact that unlike the rest of the series you needed to be familiar with the story line to enjoy it. Which I suppose to an extent is true, but not necessarily a criticism of the last series. When a show has been running for 200+ episodes I expect that its fans are expecting to find out how all these stories come to an end. And to my relief, the last series did exactly that. We get to find out what happens to Blitz, we see the last slap, and we even get to find out what happens to characters like Patrice and Ranjit.

I do think that because there were so many loose ends that needed to be tied up, and the fact that the gang’s friendship had sort of reached its peak, a lot of the episodes in season nine weren’t as funny as the earlier episodes.

Finally, I was getting worried that after having watched 200+ episodes with Marshall, Lily, Barney and Ted, when we finally met Ted’s wife, she would just be some stranger. But again, this problem was solved by the inclusion of little snippets of Ted’s future with his wife, who I thought was perfect for Ted, nice, likable, a little geeky.

I was surprised at how far the final episode went with tying up ends, that we even end up seeing how Ted and the mother’s relationship ends, when she passes away. I couldn’t believe it. Most series or films leave us with the promise of a happy ever after, but here we were seeing it all; how the gang grew apart, Barney and Robin splitting up. After watching a whole season set completely in the couple days of their wedding, we end up seeing how they split up after three years!

Thankfully, all this was remedied, with the promise of another happy ending, it turns out the story wasn’t only about how Ted met his kid’s mother, but how he ends up with Robin Scherbatsky. The final scene when he turns up at her apartment building holding up the blue horn, remedied the massive jumps into the gangs’ troubled future. Don’t get me wrong, cheesy happy endings are not always the best, but after 200+ episodes and countless of bad relationships, I wanted, no needed a happy ending for Ted Mosby! By referring to the very first episode it suddenly made sense that Ted ended up with Robin, but that’s just my opinion. What do you think?


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